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We (William and Christa) returned to take over the family farm at Ryley, Alberta in 2007.

We had been in corporate management positions and living the double income no kids lifestyle. On a golf course one evening watching the combine in the adjacent field we said out loud we were not doing what we wanted to do. That fall we bought out the farm which was a 1000 acre grain farm that had gone away from cattle in the early 2000s.

Through hard work and focusing on bottom lines and budgets we grew the farm to almost double its size in two years. Something was always missing and after much searching we decided that cattle and horses was where our hearts were. We set out to live our dream and turn the farm into what we wanted it to be.

We wanted to build a farm that is ours and we can be proud of it in this generation and the next.

Over the last 3 years we have worked to expand the commercial cattle side.

In the spring of 2013 we acquired a closed breeding herd from Willowbrook Charolais, Rob Davidson at Millarville, Alberta. Acquiring this great herd gave us great genetics from Cougar Hill Hank, Shelco Made Easy and Eric the Red. It is our goal to continue Rob's work and create well bred, correct animals that will complement any breeding herd they are introduced to. Our goals are to produce bulls that are thick, correct, quite to handle and produce high yielding calves.

In 2008 we were privileged enough to acquire a daughter and some great grand daughters of Bar Hemp from Glen Sutton. We knew the genetics were proven as I was riding a grand daughter of Bar Hemp by Western Dash, the mare was solid and had a rodeo mind. We strive to breed good bone, feet and minds into our prospects. We want to send horses out into the world that are bred to be athletic with sound trainable minds.

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