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Max Out Annual Bull Sale
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 1:00 PM

Canadian Bull Congress, Ranchers Choice Bull Show, First in Class BRWW Free Trade 61F

Douglas Showing ONL Miss Marge at Canadian Bull Congress

Lloydminster Fall Show

About the Farm

Charolais cattle have revolutionized the Canadian beef industry and set the stage for some of the most successful beef genetics in the world. Charolais cattle prove to be an ideal source for genetic out crosses which have became well known for growth performance and the ability to meet trading standards over a wide market weight range.


Cattlemen recognize the important features Charolais cattle add to their operation. Charolais cross animals continue to prove themselves from conception to consumer as they are renowned for their exceptional weaning weights and superior performance in feed efficiency and growth. Carcass evaluation results of calves with Charolais influence continue to rate above average.


All these factors translate into higher profits.


Stop by at any time. We will be pleased to show you the genetics at Winsnes Farms.


William and Christa

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